A Scene from an Ateneo-La Salle men’s basketball game

In the Philippines, no rivalry is much greater and deeper than the Ateneo de Manila University - De La Salle University-Manila sports rivalry, especially in men’s basketball. It started in the NCAA and with both now playing in the UAAP, it is more intense than ever.

I decided to simulate a close game for this poem and judging from the past few years’ results, Ateneo has been the king in men’s basketball given this rivalry. But as you can see below, La Salle won this game. :)

Fourth quarter. Tied game. Three minutes left.
La Salle with the ball. Both in the penalty.
Everyone cheers for their own team, with no exception
Hearts are pounding, brains and minds are sweating, bodies are jittering
It’s no game for the faint of heart.

Score after score, foul after foul
Everyone either cheers or jeers
There may be no end, but of course, there is one
It is happening right here, right now
And La Salle will eventually win the game, in a close fight
I only imagine that if La Salle will win, this is a contest of sportsmanship and pride
Even non-involved people will truly appreciate.

DLSU is the host of this coming UAAP Season 73.