Why I am obsessed with Boston Med right now

Being a Filipino and with nothing good at the television offerings here lately, I searched the Internet for something new to watch. My niche is reality TV, since I have stopped watching Banana Split and Bubble Gang because over time ever since I followed those two shows, they got more green and cornier and my family doesn't approve what these two shows convey every week. Also, they run very late on the schedule, usually going past midnight. (Bubble Gang is on Fridays; Banana Split is on Saturdays.) Also, my other favorite reality shows, The Amazing Race (both U.S. and Asia) and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition are on a summer hiatus. (TAR Asia has been on a hiatus for one year as I write this.)

The new show that I am referring to is Boston Med, shown on ABC in the U.S. every Thursday night (Friday morning in Manila). It chronicles what is going on inside three hospitals in Boston: Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women's Hospital, and Children's Hospital of Boston.

Two episodes have been broadcast so far, and I like the way it was produced. All the major roles of healthcare delivery are covered: Patients, doctors and nurses. Both the upsides and downsides of being in a hospital are also covered here. Being in a family of doctors and with me growing up with other fellow doctors over the years, this relates to me because I didn't want to be as stressed as them, so I chose a different pathway.

The production team that produced Boston Med also produced Hopkins, about life in a Baltimore hospital that was broadcast two years ago, but I have yet to watch it.

But, as with all other shows, Boston Med will eventually end on August 12 (August 13 in Manila). I will miss that show so much.