The Day of Labor

Last July 28, my blockmate's nephew was born and my friend had her son on the same day. Their births inspired me to do this poem.

The Day of Labor
When the waters break,
It begins the end of an amazing journey
And it is also the beginning of another one,
One that will last, hopefully, for a long time.

While this may take long,
This experience is only witnessed by those close to her
And we also experienced it when we began our lives.

The mother keeps on waiting and then pushing
Until her fruit comes out
That she has nurtured all her nine months.

When the baby finally arrives, it is the start of a whole new world
Be him the first child, or maybe the fifth or more
The parents see to it that he should develop to what they have seen
As the "fullest potential".

While we may not know what he will really become
Until he is older
Life should be appreciated by all, even the smallest ones
So that everyone gets his or her fair chance to appreciate our brood and breed.