My Sacrifice for My Church

Fasting is done by Christians for various reasons such as it being a tool for enhancing the power of prayer. Even fasting as a topic in itself is found in many Biblical books and verses. Also many great Biblical characters and historically significant Christians were also men of fasting.

The church I'm currently attending is celebrating its 27th anniversary this month. This week, our pastor enjoined everyone to fast and pray every day from Monday until Sunday for a certain topic (e.g. school/work, nation, etc.)

My mom and I have chosen not to fast as in the skipping of meals or whole-day abstinence from food or drink but we chose to skip rice for the entire week until the breaking of the fast on Sunday. So far, my food bill suddenly shot up because my school's cafeteria always serves meals with rice (not too many non-rice choices), so I go outside to eat. And this fasting comes in the middle of exam week - what we call as "Hell Week" so I haven't been able to pray much and focus on my spiritual life lately - all that I have had focused is on my academic and social lives.

I think I am still not fit for fasting. :(