Why it's so hard to convince some people to have a Facebook account.

After so many months of persuasion and convincing to no avail of my brother to get a Facebook account for himself, I finally created one for him using one of my "extra" email addresses just recently. However, only family are his "friends" there though, but I always wonder why some people after so much convincing still say "No" to social networks such as Facebook. (My brother in this case is still loyal to Friendster, my grade school friend only has hi5, Twitter and Formspring and is highly selective on her social networks to join.)

The reason why I created a Facebook account is that it was, by the time I first signed up, already the "new in thing", that was also during the time Friendster suffered a host of problems and they caused a user exodus, first to Multiply and now Facebook. And also my cousins in the U.S. use it (Friendster and Multiply are not popular with the youth there, there was only MySpace and MyYearbook before Facebook became popular.)

I don't know why some people don't want to join Facebook after all these years and all that convincing and forcing to let them join. Because my brother doesn't want to join my sister, my father and I in Facebook, I almost wanted to run away and eventually live on my own, somewhere far away from southern Metro Manila and northern Laguna. (There are other reasons why I want to live away from my brother, but they comprise a long story.)

Some people say that Facebook takes the focus away, and they may be right. (My blockmate is one of them, I believe.) Others say that their former enemies might add them up there, and they fear that, that's why they still haven't joined until now. But either way, let's face the reality: For the younger generation, most don't want to live without a Facebook account. You should join too. If you still don't want to, leave me a comment.

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