A poem I made for my mom's cousin

To begin with, one of genealogy's wonders is what you imagine (or see) is not really what you get. I once imagined all my mom's cousins are from their 30's to their 60's. (My mom's already 60 years old as of this writing.) But, judging on these relatives' recent visit and later family discussions I only found out that my mom's youngest uncle's children (her cousins) are around my age (23 and 20 respectively as of this writing).

This poem is dedicated to all Filipino-Americans, especially the American-born descendants of our fellow countrymen, among them my mom's cousins.

Until you came to visit us
You were one of the many "anonymous" Filipino-American children
Who never knew where your parents' or ancestors' homeland is located
Or perhaps you never know what's in store in this country.

But then, you also have not visited all the regions of your home country
You told me, you had only been up to Nevada before this trip
And now, you have visited us here
Which means to say, your family made us their top priority to visit.

I really can't believe that you're my age
We are only separated by one month
And your nephews and nieces are even older than you are
But you're still part of our extended family.

I hope that you'll make our homeland a place to visit
Later in your lives, when you have a family of your own
Even if we may have already left to work or live elsewhere
You should remember us.

I can prepare an interpretation of this poem upon request.